ACUSON S2000 ABVS System HELX Evolution with Touch Control


ACUSON S2000™ ABVS offers automated 3D whole breast ultrasound and 2D hand-held including advanced technologies such as elastography. The system is designed to meet the diverse needs of practices ranging from small, dedicated breast imaging centers to large, multi-modality radiology centers and hospitals.



    • 3D Total Breast Scanning- Consistent, reproducible, operator-independent results with high-resolution full-field views of the entire breast – without exposing the patient to radiation.
    • Shear Wave Elastography (Virtual Touch IQ) - Virtual Touch IQ provides a non-invasive, quantitative assessment of lesions. Tissue stiffness analysis may help to better differentiate between solid tumors, cysts and other areas of concern during breast ultrasound exams.
    • 2D Imaging - a hand-held linear transducer can be used to acquire additional 2D images including color Doppler, elasticity, and shear wave imaging.



    • Dedicated for 3D breast (Scanning)


Technical Specifications

    • Foot Print: 127.5 X 62.3 X 110.3 cm
    • Touch Screen: 8' touch display
    • Wireless Capability: Yes