ACUSON P500 Ultrasound System

Portable Ultrasound system for your everyday imaging needs.


ACUSON P500™, a compact yet powerful ultrasound system designed to equip clinicians with a powerful lineup of clinical applications right at the bedside. The ACUSON P500 is your go-to  platform to evaluate clinical manifestations, facilitate diagnoses & to assist procedures in emergency and critical care.With A smaller footprint in a crowded technology environment, it also offers an IntraCardiac Echocardiography (ICE) Edition that integrates the imaging capabilities of the ACUSON AcuNav™ family of catheters to the ACUSON P500 system. The utilization of the 10F & 8F ACUSON AcuNav ultrasound catheters provide real-time visualization of cardiac anatomy, catheters and devices within the heart and creates 3D contours of the heart chambers with the SoundStar® catheter. In addition, the bedside remote control capability allows the clinician quick access to image optimization.



    • Premium imaging technologies in a hand-carried device.
    • Intuitive user interface for easy and fast examinations.
    • Reliable results in any clinical environment.



    • Cardiology
    • Emergency Medicine
    • OB-GYN
    • Vascular


Technical Specifications

    • Foot Print: Console Only: (40.2 X 37.4 X 7.15 cm). Smart cart: (59 X 89.2 X79 cm)
    • Touch Screen: 15.4' Touch display
    • Wireless Capability: Yes