ACUSON Freestyle Series Ultrasound Systems

Portable & cable free ultrasound system for your daily point of care imaging.

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The ACUSON Freestyle™ Series is the world’s first wireless ultrasound solution, redefining ultrasound access in the interventional suite and at the point of care. The series offers scalable configurations to promote automated workflow, clear visualization and faster access to the ultrasound procedure using cable-free and wireless technologies, and cross-modality synchronization.


Product Highlights

The ACUSON Freestyle™ portable ultrasound scanner delivers advanced, wireless ultrasound transducer technologies to help you enhance clinical and operational efficiencies through reliable, high-quality imaging at the point of care.

  • Pixelformer™ Image Processing Architecture
  • Optimized Infection Control
  • Enhanced Needle Visualization
  • Assured Connectivity


Product Features


Redefining ultrasound access in the interventional suite and at the point of care, the ACUSON Freestyle™ Series ultrasound systems equip you with innovative wireless ultrasound technology to exceed workflow limitations of conventional systems.

  • Clinical Access

Unprecedented image clarity even in the most demanding environments.


  • Cable-free Access

Unrestricted access at the point of care, allowing quicker turnaround time. Scan clearly with a wireless range of up to 10 feet (three meters) away from the system.


  • Clear Access

Scan clearly with innovative image processing and needle visualization features, and reach your optimal field of view during your ultrasound procedures.


  • Automated Access

Streamline your workflow from patient registration to wireless image review and diagnosis.


  • ACUSON Freestyle™ Elite with Artis Access

Harmonious workflow alongside Artis with PURE angiography systems.




  • Move around your workspace freely using innovative wireless technology.
  • See the entire field-of-view clearly with high-quality, high-resolution imaging using Pixelformer™ image processing architecture.
  • Reduce probability of inaccurate punctures and enhance procedure clarity with enhanced Needle V needle visualization software.
  • Automated focus, frequency, and Time Gain Compensation (TGC) settings help to shorten operation and exam times.


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